James Foley Smathers


James Foley Smathers is a former United States Marine Corps Officer and Vietnam combat veteran. He is a graduate of the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications. He and his wife reside in Central Florida where he breeds, trains and raises Golden Retrievers.


TRANSFORMATIONS     James Foley Smathers

Privately Published   9780692649022, $15.95,   http://a.co/9qvP1ID

It only takes a mysterious phone call to shake a marriage; one made by a desperate stranger who advises Jackson Andrews that his wife is playing games. The anonymous call could have been dismissed as a prank were it not for the hesitant and convincing tone of the caller, who casts a seed of doubt that soon blows up into a full-fledged confrontation as Jackson investigates the truth. Transformations isn’t just about a wife’s transgression, however.

The sequence of events that follows from that one phone call, spreads dissension and change through Jackson’s previously-stable life like ripples in a pond. What does Jackson’s experience have to do with a CEO who seeks refuge and anonymity on a little Caribbean island? Plenty; because he’s a pilot who has flown into Walker’s Cay and into his own drama; and he too is in flight, in more ways than one. A similar sequence of events also gives impetus to an awakening process in his life even as both struggle to protect their psyches from further blows.

A story embracing two broken marriages isn’t unusual; nor is the scenario of these two individuals getting together. What is satisfyingly different here is a winding tale of subterfuge, conspiracy, clashing egos and Minnesota atmosphere that permeates a story which moves neatly between two individuals’ past and present lives. Affairs gone wrong, the revenge of jilted love, feelings of anger, regret, and dismay on all sides permeates a story that moves from U.S. soil to the Caribbean and back. James Foley Smathers imbibes his characters with realistic characters that aren’t above a certain degree of subterfuge as they both flee their lives and attempt to exert some manner of control over their changing situations. The story line reads smoothly and vividly. There’s much to like about a chronicle that holds no black-and-white or good and evil and attends to tracking the mercurial emotions of all sides that it’s hard to put down, making Transformations a fine saga of evolving romance and changes which take place on more than one level. By: D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review.